What It *Actually* Takes To Achieve A Goal

So last week, we discussed goal setting for the beginner. This week, we’re talking action plan to get those feet up and moving toward reaching it!

It’s just not enough to want something. To set a goal, make a plan, and then leave it on paper and never look at it again. This is the step most people miss- they mean well in their approach, but can’t get past that resistance to change their thoughts to action. Listen carefully what I’m about to tell you… this, my friend, is how people do great things in the world. This is the single most important- yes, having a solid target and plan are important- the single most important step because a plan without action is meaningless.

This is also the hardest part. This is where most of us grow tired, bored, defeated when we aren’t successful the first or hundredth time. Have you ever heard of the ten thousand hour rule? If not, it states that a person must put in at LEAST 10,000 hours to be a master; and with that, I think mastery is something that requires ongoing and continuous self awareness and growth. I’m going to break some tough news to you- you’re probably going to suck and fall short working toward your goal most of the time. 

A personal example is that I’m currently taking self defense classes from a professional ju-jitsu fighter. I’ve never fought in my life and fighting isn’t something that comes naturally. The entire hour I spend with him every week I can’t stop thinking about how bad I am. Sure I practice and have gotten the basics down, but it’s really hard for me feeling new and unconfident as the techniques take awhile to learn. Do I put in less effort because I suck? No. Do I still take it serious? Of course because that’s how I get better. 

You come to me every week for motivation, yes? Ok, well here’s your cold splash in the face for this week- shut your mouth, quit complaining, stop telling people what you’re going to do, and actually do it. You wrote down the step you need to do to achieve that goal last week, now if you want to be respected in your craft, do it. This isn’t a sugar coated “You’ve got to have XYZ requirement, certification, knowledge, experience, or confidence” to do the thing. This is a show up even when you’re sick, when you’re emotionally off, when you’re tired. 

4 years ago in physical therapy assistant school, I had a sinus infection that lasted for a month. Migraines, dizziness, puking, stuffy nose, everyday for 31 days in December. I missed the opportunity to meet my favorite band, Timeflies, something I very much so regret. Sure I was uncomfortably sick, but that was a once in a lifetime experience. I also dragged myself to school everyday of that horrible illness because I would have gotten kicked out of school had I not. I’m aware that many of you reading this may be thinking “Take a break when you need to” and to some extent, I agree. But at the same time, I want you to learn from my regret and stay hungry for it. Success in any area (health, career, personal, etc.) isn’t for the faint of heart and doesn’t given out last place trophies. It’s incredibly possible to reach high for a goal and not lose yourself in the process. This is something I literally practice everyday. This is something that comes from meditation and knowing yourself really powerfully well. 

I need you to stop watching people on the internet making success look easy. I need you to unfollow the bloggers who look glamorous at every hour of the day, motivational speakers who blow smoke, and athletes who make it rain in the club every weekend in their off season. That’s 10% of the story- they don’t show the other 90%, which is the hard work that sucks.

You wanted motivation to make you excited to get started? Well… here it is- success in any goal looks like you doing the work that you don’t actually want to do. In the same time you spend complaining about not having what you want, you could have put in the energy needed to accomplish the hard work to getting there.

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