Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet! I am a dog loving, coffee drinking, wellness enthusiast, and licensed physical therapist assistant who wakes up every morning excited help other women feel confident. It can feel exhausting if you are purely motivated to eat well and work out based on your physical appearance. My approach includes guiding women to live well based on quality of life inside instead of how their life looks on the outside.

So… the million dollar question. What truly does “living a healthy lifestyle” mean? To some, it may be working out 7 days a week. To others, it may mean a salad for lunch and a cookie for dessert. To me, it’s working out 2-3x per week, going on a run to relieve stress, sleeping in on Sundays, and Chick Fa La once in awhile just because I feel like it. I have successfully made eating well and exercising a priority for the past 6 years. I have developed the intuition to know when to relax and know when to grind. I can “fall off” the wagon for a week or two and get right back into it without even skipping a beat.

I don’t believe “harder, better, faster” is the only mechanism in which progress is gained. Maybe that’s my background in physical therapy speaking, but nutrition/training is only a fraction of good health. What about your mood on the commute to work each day? Your family? Social life? Meditation and prayer? Couldn’t you argue those aspects are equally, if not more important than the physical attributes that come with being an overall healthy and happy individual? Slaving over long workouts while feeling guilty for not spending that time with your kids or doing homework is not going to make you a better human, is not healthy, and does not align with my beliefs so you can take a quick sigh of relief! Quicker and more focused energy spent on workouts should be empowering instead of draining.

I have a passion for sharing honest, authentic, and simple tips to help you approach each day with a more confident and clearer mindset. Deciding to own your truth and inner goddess confidence will require up front sacrifice for a long term benefit. While it may seem like hard work at times, it is possible and undoubtedly worth it. We will provide you will framework, encouragement, and structure you need to achieve your goal.

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