Welcome To The One Ray Podcast!

For those listening for the first time, I’d like to introduce who I am and what I do! I’m a wellness blogger who helps women achieve their health goals and enjoy the journey. I share through through 3 different venues- social media/blog/podcast, motivational public speaking, & guided wellness journals

My mission: is to provide women (and a few good men) a weekly dose of wellness tools + motivation. Also, to improve your self confidence through a solid foundation of taking the best possible care of yourself!

The three main topics this podcast will cover is motivational pep talks, healthy habit building tools, and *true* self care. I’ll share tips on how to use my journal and through personal experience, stories, and recommendations.

It will mostly be solo episodes because my favorite podcasts are the ones where the hosts talk about their own habits and thoughts. 

Now, for the love letter in the beginning of One Ray to each of my customers…

A little background info on my journey.

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