The navy journal cover release offers a different look and feel to the traditional guided wellness journal with a more minimalist, gender neutral feel. The navy journal is composed of brand new quotes submitted by many different members of our community- how cool!

For those of you not into journaling or who just don’t think it’s for you, listen up…

Many people create guided journals (meaning each page is lined with prompts vs just a blank page) for the customer base of people who love to journal- simply put, I do not. That’s what sets the One Ray Journal apart from the rest. I took on the more challenging task of bridging the gap between traditional journaling and the kind of journaling I believe actually works in helping people achieve their health and happiness goals from the past 8 years of experience.

Traditional journaling includes writing down your feelings everyday. It takes time to put your thoughts into words and can include quotes, memories, emotions, and different quote- “girly” things like that. One Ray is not that at all- unless you fit the small group of customers I have who truly are into that kind of thing. And by all means, do what feels right for you.

One Ray is a daily habit planner / tracker that focuses on the 5 most important aspects of living a healthy lifestyle with fulfillment and enjoyment. It takes less than 3-4 minutes to jot down a plan in the morning or a reflection in the evening. It’s designed to pull you away from your phone and be mindful / present of your habits. For example, it can be SO easy, especially coming off the holidays, to forget that you accidentally ate 5 Snickers bars during a stressful phone call at work today. This journal is designed to get you in the habit of being present when faced with temptation. To focus on what brings you actual clarity and joy instead of quantitative numbers that may bring you down (such as weighing yourself everyday).

Each day we focus on 5 elements of physical and mental health that will hold you accountable for the steps it takes to reach your goal. Each Sunday, we both reflect on the past week and plan for the week ahead to feel strong heading into a busy Monday. What I love most about this formula is that you don’t have to be philosopher or super in touch with your emotions to find it useful- I have 6 men out of 150 current customers. All you have to do to find meaning and purpose in this method is to put the effort in every day. Often I get asked why I have such a positive and optimistic demeanor and I tell it like it is, I find deep meaning in the small things I do everyday. 

Journals will be available on my website beginning @ 8 am on Wed, 1/8/20. 

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