My WFH Morning Routine

You know that feeling of waking up before the sun on vacation day to either catch a flight or begin a road trip? The excitement you wake up with to begin an adventure? That’s how I feel most mornings- excited and ready to go. 

I’ve ALWAYS been a morning person, but my friends know i certainly turn into a pumpkin by 9 p.m. I think part of the love of mornings is just my chemical make up and part of it is the routine I wake up looking forward to.

The earliest memory I have of a legit morning routine is when I was 11 and started drinking coffee every morning like my parents did. Since then, I’ve never missed a day lol.

Ive heard a lot of people say they either been slacking on good habits, gained unwanted pounds, and just don’t feel as good being at home as they do when in routine. But there will inevitably be times in your life you aren’t on routine, so how can you maintain good habits with changing seasons?

The first thing I do- continue to wake up early.

What I’ve found working from home is that if I bust my hardest work out first thing in the morning when my focus and concentration are best, I’ll get the most done in the shortest amount of time. I do creative and strategic work in the mornings.

Next, moving my workouts to the afternoon. After morning workouts for a year straight, I got kinda sick of them. I’m a big believer in variety of routine to keep things frsh as if not, you”ll get bored and sick of things pretty quick. Right now, work is the most important for me bc its how I pay my bills, but if work doesn’t require an insane amount of energy, then by all means focus on when you’ll get then best quality workouts and form your schedule around that.

Next, I follow the intermittent fasting style of eating so I don’t have my first meal until about 10 am give or take depending on the day. Usually that’s the first break I’ll take away from my laptop. If you want to hear more about intermittent fasting, go back to episode 13 of this podcast to listen (also, it’s the most popular episode of our show thus far!). 

All in all, my schedule has evolved many times over the past few years. Just even a year ago, I was doing 5:30 am workouts, breakfast, out the door by 7, and coming home exhausted. The schedule that im following now is much more conducive to my natural energy levels and circadian rhythm. Once I stop working around 5 pm, I don’t do much after, mostly watch my friends on live facebook videos or the office. I prioritize rest as much as hard work, so after hours im pretty useless in terms of energy levels.