My Story of Self-Confidence

How many of you listening lack self-confidence? How many of you wanted to apply for a job, send an email, or say how you actually feel… but stopped yourself. You stopped because you don’t think what you have to offer or say was worthy of getting chosen. And telling yourself you wouldn’t get chosen was easier than someone else telling you.

How many years of your life have you lived based on the opinion of someone else?

I’m be better off keeping to myself than associating with people who made me feel less like a person and more like a punching bag that they could poke fun of whenever they wanted.

If I had been accepted into that world, I wouldn’t have ever learned to stand on my own. And standing on your own is super scary, but super worth it.

I don’t know the specific circumstances that you’ve gone through, but I know what it feels like to be an outcast. And succeed because of it. Even though high school got better, the years I spent there were all hard for different reasons. And I’m SO thankful that it ended when it did.

What you have to share, whether it’s with your family, with your friends, for a job, to present in a conversation, it’s worth it.

Notice I didn’t say happy… because to me, confidence means taking the best possible care of yourself and living in a way that makes you happy.

And I certainly don’t know what you need to hear to make it click for you just how amazing you are but man if I could go back to the 15-year-old version of myself that had no clue what she was in for, I’d tell her to keep standing back up, every single time she fell. I’d say that life gets 110% better after this ends.

That someday, you’ll be sharing the story of how you got your wings and are able to lead a community of women that also need to gain theirs.

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