Stress Free Meal Prep

Happy Friday friends!

It’s a wonderful day to simplify eating healthy.

Have you ever gotten home late from the office, too exhausted to cook, so you eat the entire family size bag of Doritos and 8 ice cream sandwiches? If this is you, you’re in the right place! I read an article on Mark Zuckerberg once that said he wears the same type of shirt and pants everyday to eliminate one decision from his day. Think about how draining it can be to make hundreds of small decisions throughout the day, wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate 3 or 4?

Yes, I’m talking about your meals! Meal prepping is a system that prevents your junk food cravings from taking over and makes for a more relaxing night after work as your food just needs to be nuked for a few minutes. Check out this free guide my boyfriend helped me create to make healthy eating more enjoyable for you.

*There will be another blog / ebook partnered with this inclusive of what food goes into each food group component discussed in this ebook (fruit, veggie, starch, protein, and fat sources and their overlap).
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