Lacking Motivation?

Good morning! I haven’t posted a blog in quite some time, but I’m back and ready to help by answering one of the most common questions I get…

For those of you who are new around here, I am a lover of all things wellness including but not limited to healthy food, cute dog videos, running, journaling, and indulging in a piece of chocolate lava cake and a glass of red wine every once in awhile because life is short and deserves to be celebrated!

In March of 2019, I released what I believe to be the foundation of a healthy lifestyle – a guided wellness journal. You see, high school was a hard time for me, during which I channeled my inner struggles through journaling. I started eating better and exercising because I was tired of feeling like crap and wanted more energy, plain and simple. I took the outline that I created in my blank journals and turned it into a guided journaling system to provide a starting place for beginners to avoid feeling intimidated by a blank page. You can check my bookshelf at home to see these 5 or 6 journals from so many years of doing this- the proof is in the experience!

I believe women and men should track their habits in a way that encourages good health as a form of self respect, not one that makes us crazy-obsessed with calories burned or calories eaten, so there is no place that asks either of those questions. My journals differ from the competition as they offer clean, white daily logs with minimal teal wording to start your day off with a sense of clarity and positivity. Complete with a daily quote and a few fill ins, it shouldn’t take you more than 3 minutes to plan out a rough estimate of your day so that’s a few less decisions you’ll have to make in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Need some extra motivation in your life? This journal will help you start your day off with a hot cup of coffee (or tea) and imagine a vivid picture of what you’re grateful for. By day 90, you’ll be waking up already with that thought in the forefront of your mind every single solitary day, improving the amount of joy you are filled with and the quality of your day. 🙂 

Self care is not selfish- you cannot pour your energy into family, friends, or work from an empty cup. Each day, you will focus on making your nutrition, movement, and mindset the most important decision you’ll make in order to give the most authentic and energetic version of yourself to your loved ones. You ARE worth it, and don’t for a second tell yourself any different.

*Also, I post various free educational resources and tips on journaling for beginners on my Instagram Check out the One Ray Journals by clicking here or under the “Shop” tab at the top!

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