Journaling 101

Hello! Today we are diving into the true power of journaling and how not to overwhelm yourself with it! I don’t set rules for my own practice, however most topics fall within one of these categories. I would like to offer you a beginner’s place to start, whether you are new here or picking back up where you left off…


Sometimes when I’m stressed, I can’t lie still and be “zen.” I usually practice this method when my subconscious is stirring with voices or conversations with myself. I mentally picture complete blackness and allow thoughts to float or pass through, as if they were a shooting star. I jot a few words about each thought down, non-judgmentally and completely unbiased. 99% of the time, the thoughts I write down trigger some form of emotional stress.  I don’t try to find solutions to these thoughts immediately, I let them take physical form off of my chest and onto the paper. Not all of them require an action plan, but for the ones that do, I come back to each situation when I am good and ready.


Most things I have accomplished in my life has been thought of long before it actually happened.

A concrete example of this is: Recently, I was flipping through my June 2017 journal and found this elaborate plan that I completely forgot about, outlining what I would need to do to host a wellness event. This was before I worked on specifics with a business coach, before I was working full time at the location I currently am hosting the events at, and before I was ready to make it happen. The plan is an exact replica of what my “Maria Fitnezz LIVE” events have turned out to be (you can sign up for the free March event by clicking HERE). For you, it may be a big decision you are struggling with. Try writing it down with a pros/cons list or a plan, leave it alone for a few months, and see if it still strikes an emotional response when you come back to it.


Looking back on my journals from high school and college, I superrrr lacked confidence in myself in many ways. I wrote many encouraging self affirmations, something I don’t need to take time and write as often as they have become my primary, daily thoughts. I have naturally grown into a more confident person as a whole because I practiced and believed what I wrote to myself, even if I didn’t necessarily believe them back then.


Close your eyes for a few minutes with no distractions. Think about your current life… self, relationships, spiritual, personal growth, financial, career, travel, enjoyment, health, stress, etc. Are you truly happy? Are you growing and learning everyday? Are you consistently stepping out of your comfort zone? Or have you settled? Do you feel stuck or unclear? What changes can you make to become a better version of yourself?

This exercise can be as light or heavy as you need, allow me give you a personal example. I have set a few specific moral standards myself to, in order to become a stronger version of myself. What I did with each of those standards was tie a goal to them, as shown below. I add or tweak every once in awhile as I get older, but they stand just as true today as they did 4 years ago! Here are my personal examples:

Say no to social obligations that would bring me less than a 9/10 enjoyment level.
Exercise 3x per week, no matter the type.
Stop eating meat and fish and replace with plant-based options.
Watch tv on weekend evenings only.
Read 12 books in 2019.

That’s all for now, hope this helps in your future journaling adventures! 🙂
“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.” -Mary Oliver

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