New Year New MOOD!

So it’s January… and you’re probably feeling the pressure to get a gym membership, get a better job, and get your entire life together because “new year new me” is all over social media at the moment.

And yes, we will get to that later this month. But for now, I want to project an overall theme for myself, my platform, and my community this year… meaning YOU!

A lot of us struggle to set goals. Especially goals tied to feelings, like for example improving a negative mindset. That’s a very broad goal that has no real tactile plan tied to it, which is why most fail. I believe goal setting is an art in and of itself- to set goals that are achievable, realistic, and that actually matter to the growth of your well-being. So to kick off 2020, I’ve already picked an goal for you to get the ball rolling before you feel comfortable setting goals for yourself.

In 2020, I will not worry about people and situations that do not involve myself.


Traffic patterns and idiots on the road

The opinion of others about me

The career, family, life choices of others that I may not agree with

Political views of others who differ from mine

How other people chose to spend their time, money, and energy

I believe that inserting your opinion where it’s not warranted nor is it needed brings nothing but disruption of inner joy. I’m not saying turn a blind eye to issues going on in the world, but if we listened and watched more people and situations without getting emotionally involved, we’d be sooo much more at peace. We wouldn’t feel as drained interacting with the public everyday. We’d be in control of our emotions and not let the opinions and actions of others dictate our decisions, as long as there’s no direct harm to living beings.

Do you remember the email a few months ago about the lady who told me I looked like I got hit by a train? Yeah, because I’ve decided life is too precious to waste it on the opinions of others, I literally laughed about it to her face and was not offended. I know who I am and have had my inner joy shaken one too many times in the past that I’ve gotten strong. I’m no longer afraid to say what needs to be said to people I love even if it’s uncomfortable because I care about others too much to keep sweeping things under the rug… And for what? Bigger issues arise when things get swept anyways.

I challenge you to write this goal down somewhere like a post it on your mirror, in your journal, in your car, somewhere you will see it everyday. I have it on a post it on my spin bike so I can remember everyday my inner strength and that some things just aren’t worth getting hot and bothered by when they don’t even concern me in the first place. I challenge you to look at it everyday and say it outloud in hopes to bring you a bit more peace. When faced with a situation that could get you worked up, say it loud, decide if it’s going to matter in 3 years, and if not, move along and don’t even give it your attention. Not your circus, not your monkeys.

I’m usually that guy justifying other people’s stupidity, such as “he probably had childhood trauma” or “maybe they lost a loved on recently which is why she’s being such a biotch” but I’ve lost my cool in situations and think back like- yeaaaah that probably wasn’t even a big deal and had I waited a moment for it to pass, I could have stayed more calm.

The most precious thing in the world, in conjunction with time, is attention. Why give your attention to something that literally serves no purpose and doesn’t benefit the growth of your well-being? Let’s make this a goal in the new year to remember everyday and use in small and big moments the needed. 🙂

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