Intermittent Fasting


Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between eating and fasting, exactly how it sounds. It’s not necessarily a diet, just a window of time you choose to eat and time you don’t. Typically, most follow either the 14-16:8 method which is where you eat your daily meals within an 8 hour period or the 5:2, which is 5 days of eating normally, 2 days of fasting.

Blood sugar + Insulin

Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas that allows your body to use sugar (aka glucose) from carbs in the food that you eat for energy now or to store for future use after you eat. It makes sure your blood sugar levels don’t get too high or too low. *Key example

How do you know if you have insulin resistance? How this can benefit you is that if you feel like you are starving all the time, having mood swings around meals times, or can’t quite get ahold of your appetite, this could be a good time to try this style of eating. One of my great friends is an RD who proofread this episode and provided insight, so you’ll have to listen to find out! S/O to YOU Meg Wolf. 🙂

*Like anything, I 100% recommend you work on this with your MD or a registered dietician. Always bring a professional in because of possible other underlying health factors. Personally, I don’t have any of those so I decided to give it a try.

My Experience with IF

At the beginning of March, I got a headache that made me lose my appetite one afternoon at work. So I ran to the store and grabbed soup, pretzels, chips, crackers, and anything else bland that I could find. I ate all of it for lunch (when normally I’d eat a protein with lots of vegetables, and lentil noodles or rice or something like that). So after the stress, the empty lunch of no nutrients, and the many, many oreo balls later, I felt sick to my stomach and simultaneously craved unhealthy foods (also an abnormal feeling bc I eat well). I was reading genius foods at the time, and the part of the book I was at, talked all about benefits of intermittent fasting and how it resets many things like hormones that control appetite, fullness, energy, blood sugar, I mean all the things. So I went ahead and loosely tried it.

I don’t diet or count calories or macros, I eat intuitively. Which feels like eating all the major food groups (protein, fats, and carbs in the form of fruit, vegetables, and starches) and focusing on whole foods that come from the ground and not a package. I also eat dessert bc I love it and treat myself to not so balanced meals on the weekend within reason. I say within reason bc when I completely fall off the bandwagon, again, I feel like crap. And I hate feeling like crap- the ideal version of myself feels energized and full and still enjoying really good foods, so that’s the target I aim for.

*There are a few conditions in which IF would not be advised. However, I’ve been practicing this style for months now and I can honestly say between my energy, not feeling as crappy after dessert the next morning, and not thinking about how hungry I am much of the time, this style truly works for me.


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