How To Feel Happier

Energized. Motivated. Optimistic. Compassionate. Less stressed. Content. Inspired. Grateful.

These are common answers from women I coach when picturing themselves “living their best life” as the kids say now-a-days. This blog is designed for those who are serious about making consistent habit changes to feel less stressed and more fulfilled each day.

I’m not here to tell you I’ve got this whole “zen vibes” thing figured out, however through much trial and error, I can genuinely say most of the time I am in an abnormally good mood and feel most myself in an optimistic, inspired, and energized mentality. Over the last few years, I have come up with a few simple ways to keep my mind in that creative space throughout the day. Here are a few examples to help paint this picture for you…

Morning routine

One thing I have stopped doing is going on social media right when I wake up. I have a relaxing morning routine that is non-negotiable. Being in a good mood starts with filling your mind with empowering thoughts to have the best day possible.

To do list

Do you ever lay in bed at night and go over the list you have to get done tomorrow? I keep a notebook next to my bed to write down under 5 items as a list to eliminate that night time stress. This way, I can focus better on fewer tasks and get a better night go quality sleep. There is something extremely satisfying about crossing items off as I complete them!

2 p.m. cup of happy

Coffee puts me in a great mood every morning as I’ve been drinking it consistently since I was 12 years old. I make a 2ndcup in the afternoon as it’s a natural caffeine boost and is something small to look forward to. A cup of coffee or espresso can be healthy to include in your diet without any pre-existing conditions, but always check with your healthcare professional before introducing. Whatever your version of “a cup of happy” is, try it out to make your afternoon a bit more enjoyable.

Good energy bubble   

This is a mental trick I’ve been doing since high school. When you are in contact with a damaged or hurting person who takes it out on you, try picturing yourself in an a bubble shield of good energy that the person cannot break through. The next time you are in a confrontational or uncomfortable position, picture that shield bubble around your whole body, smile, and tell them have a nice day. Your inner peace is too fragile for that nonsense.

Wash away the stress

I’m in this interesting phase of life where my mind and body are very active at almost every moment of the day. During the small gap of time between when my head hits the pillow and when I fall asleep each night, I picture my brain as the windshield of a car full of junk that has caused any type of stress throughout the day. I picture myself scrubbing the entire windshield one column at a time, washing away those stressors from the day.

I hope these tricks and tips help you maximize the joy and manage the stress more effectively each day. Life is too short to only feel happy on the weekends. 🙂

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