How I Got Started Blogging

Wow, I am absolutely blown away by the success of Small Business Saturday over in my corner of the internet. I can’t even put into words the appreciation I have for each person who supports my business and mission, whether that be sharing a post on social media, purchasing a journal, or simply just showing their belief in what I’ve built.

I’ve been getting some questions recently about how my blog / social media / journal got started as I realize at this point in time, we’re growing past beyond just my own friends and family!

I had a blog before internet blogging was a thing- just open any of my high school journals or home videos (that someday I may have the courage to share). I studied how to build healthy habits to make my life better to escape being in a dark place mentally. I recorded everything in a blank-paged journal, such as quotes, workouts, recipes, and different experiences. And to be honest, I built a steady routine for myself that worked years before I shared it with you.

The videos I post are conversations with myself on the way home from work, encouraging a physical therapy patient, or a pep talk in the mirror that I just happened to start recording. It’s worth the mention that I’ve had training and experience in public speaking since I was young, that wasn’t at all built overnight. If you’re someone that wants to start sharing your message with the world, I suggest Youtube videos on speaking, tongue twisters, and a LOT of talking into the mirror… I still do that all the time before videos or events!

Bringing the journals to life was a combo of the perfect side kick, Google search, and timing. Overall since my boyfriend and I began planning the idea to collabing with Emily, finding the right manufacturer (in the USA), learning customer service, basic website code, marketing, shipping, taxes, etc… about 5 months. It’s worth taking the time to do the research, learn the tips, and compare options to find the right fit. Also, I did it all through free resources such as Youtube videos, podcasts, books, and Google. It’ll always be a work in progress to tweak and improve small steps along the way, but nailing down the designer, manufacturer, and setting up the marketing plan were the most important aspects.

While I’m not a master in business or qualified to give advice on it by any means, I want to continuously share my journey as I know many members of our community also have an online presence of some sort! If there’s a message on your heart to share with the world, it’s more than possible to do even with the slimmest of resources. My best piece of advice to the beginner who’s intimidated to get started or feels like there’s too much to learn first- start by dipping your toe in. You can do all the research and talk about getting started all you want, but people won’t take you seriously until you actually get started. 🙂

Thank you again for your support on Small Business Saturday and ALWAYS!
xoxo, maria

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