Good Morning: Guided Meditation

Are you sick of spending forever looking for the perfect guided meditation on Youtube to start your day off right? Wellllll look no further… I think this is it. 🙂 Here’s a light and positive way to begin the first 6 ish minutes of your day off right.

I’ve started meditating first thing in the morning and it’s made a world of difference in my mood and stress level for the upcoming day’s events. I feel like I have control over myself instead of spending countless hours consuming pointless content on social media- in other words, it helps me stay productive. It keeps my attitude up, and helps me to react less to stressful encounters.

If you’ve avoided meditation up to this point because you thought it was the stereotypical dark room, racing thoughts, “all of the sudden can’t breathe because you’re thinking about your breath” feeling- you’d be incorrect. I meditate when the sun rises and simply bring awareness and gratitude to the present moment. You can meditate any way that feels best for you at any time of day, but regardless I suggest using headphones as you’ll gather the best acoustics that way!

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