Goal Setting… Where Do I Begin?

This time of year can be super overwhelming. Trying to clean up the financial and physical messes of the holidays while simultaneously trying to get your life on track… yeah that makes sense. I’ve found that often we get overwhelmed because there was no plan going in, just last minute Christmas parties, gifts, and stress then a quick and messy transition to somehow magically feeling motivated to eat salads and go to the gym. 

What if, instead of the unnecessary pressure we feel obligated to carry, we just let ourselves experiment? What if, instead of figuring it all out, we gave ourselves the grace to set a goal like “I will find an exercise I enjoy” instead of it being tied to an insecurity like losing weight? From my experience in communicating with many different people on an everyday basis, much of the reason we aren’t in the confidence or place we want is because we take life way way too seriously. I don’t doubt you have the willpower and discipline to get in shape, it just might be a shift in perspective to take the first step.

Instead of focusing on what you hate (maybe physical appearance, mean thoughts about yourself, lack of energy, brain fog…) what if you focused on being light? Having a bit more fun with yourself? 

As many of you know, I work as a physical therapist assistant in an outpatient clinic with my boyfriend and some really awesome co workers/boss. For those of you who’ve never been to our clinic, picture the Cleveland Clinic and then change literally every single thing about the environment… there’s plants, salt lamps, coffee, snacks, music or a Disney+ movie playing, and we know everyone’s name and usually the names of their spouse, kids, and pets. We share stories, pictures, and laugh pretty much the whole day. We keep therapy light when its needed and listen to tough conversation that often end in emotional hugs when that’s needed, as well. Moral to the story, we keep it fun. I’ve been to clinics where things are serious and patients are treated like the number of range of motion their doctor wants. We achieve the same results and get patients better, but the overall experience is rich in long lasting relationships as to try and make their visits more than just a doctor requirement. That’s been a metaphor I’ve taken as a way I want to live my life- doing good and hard work while also having fun and realizing what’s important.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re looking to change and improve something about your health… like you know what you need to do but have a hard time actually doing it or being successful at it over and over again. Currently, I’m facing the same hurdles in growing my business. Sometimes I get frustrated and take things personally after hearing no so many times, until my boyfriend reminds me that this is something I completely created and choose to pursue, so why be so hard on myself? It’s the very thing that fulfills my purpose, so why do I stew over stupid things that won’t matter in a year? I guess a benefit to having a bad memory is usually I forget about them anyway lol.

Bottom line is: I am incredibly proud of your intention of trying to better the outcome of your choices. I’m proud of you for recognizing you could be more intentional about what you do each day to improve the quality of your mind, body, and spirit. It’s hard to imagine the version of yourself that you want to achieve, and even harder to actually work toward it. But I believe you have what it takes. Members of our community share stories with me sometimes of the hard things they’ve gone through and let me tell you… this crew is made of steel. These women inspire me every single day in the diversity and strength of standing back up again over and over and over again, even through the pain of defeat. Keep this in mind over the new few days heading into the new year.

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