Easy, Healthy, Plant-Based Meals

I’m a picky eater. Growing up, I survived on hot dogs, chicken nuggets, french fries, Ritz cheese crackers, and PB&J. In fact, on Saturday mornings, my parents would sleep in. I would wake up at 6 a.m. always to watch cartoons. I would sneak an entire sleeve of frosted oatmeal cookies to indulge in thinking they wouldn’t notice… turns out they did, but let me do it anyway. I ate way too much junk food.

Now, many years later, I’m a plant-based vegetarian. Sure, I definitely still indulge on occasion but to keep my energy up, I eat mostly plants.

I figured, I can’t be the only person who works a lot and doesn’t have the want or energy to dedicate to fancy cooking? I’ve spent the past 3 years developing meals and snacks that are easy to grab and actually filling, since many people don’t believe you can get full by eating green things. Oooooh boy are they wrong!

I also know many of you have kids that you want to eat healthier, which led to this episode all about healthy meals. I prefer vegetables in the form of carbs, so I guess that’s a good place to start.


Vegetables in the form of carbs

Creativity in the form of a salad

Fresh cut veggies in the fridge at all times for snacking

Build a bowl

Compromise 🙂

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