Challenge Chaos with Calm

 Picture this:

Waking up in your favorite vacation destination. Enjoying a morning beverage and a view of the beach during sunrise. No boss to answer to, no reports to review, no crazy drivers on your morning commute. All you can think is… wouldn’t it be nice to run away from my life for a little longer?

Maybe your home or work environment is not this serene, but you do have the option to create a mentality of sunshine skies and apply a sliver of paradise to your everyday grind.

Some people scroll through social media, watch TV, or roll out of bed and head to the office each morning. Personally, I take a mini vacation every morning by drinking my coffee slowly, reading something that inspires me, and setting my intentions for the day without distraction. I also envision my ideal routine I am working toward having one day, and recognize if I continue to use my lunch hour and evenings after my day job to focus on my side hustle, someday that can be made a reality.

What is an activity you can cut from your day that doesn’t positively push you in the direction of less stress?
What is a habit can you add to help you focus on a goal you are working toward?

For clients I have worked with in the past, it has been waking up 30 minutes early to workout, taking a walk instead of watching a TV show, and reading a book instead of scrolling through social media before bed. When I work 1:1 with clients, my concern is overall health. While the nutrition/training aspects are important to getting in shape, the mentality it takes to sustain this lifestyle is the foundation in building real, true self confidence.

While it is impossible to surround yourself with only butterflies, unicorns, and rainbows, you have the power to take the high road. To challenge chaos with calm. To remember that in the grand scheme of life, this minor happening probably isn’t worth losing your temper over. No one is perfect and I am certainly no expert, however I am learning that life isn’t that serious and as long as the humor can be found in any situation, you can’t lose.

So, whether you are stuck in traffic, dealing with an unpleasant customer, or handling hyper children, I encourage you to decide outside factors will not cause you to blow. How will you take a mental vacation today to end the day feeling satisfied and avoid burnout?

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