A Pep Talk To Worry Less

The coolest part about my job is I can write from anywhere. currently I’m sitting in one of my favorite cafes called Inca Tea, typing on my phone (which I normally hate) with a phone battery of 22%… Game on. 

The quality of my day depends on how strong my morning cup of coffee is. Right now I’m drinking a pour over with oat milk- hellllllo happiness! This past year I’ve made it a goal to not run myself rampant and take a little more time to sit back, doing what I enjoy. 

Time to do things I enjoy means cherishing a drive to drop off journals to a few life / health coaches who live in beautiful areas by me with hills and farms and gorgeous homes, as well as dropping them off when they sell out at a small bookstore called Fireside Book Shop in Chagrin Falls- which is like a charming fairytale storybook town. It means spending time chatting with people who tell me their life story while purchasing one of my journals. it means sitting in cute healthy cafes that make me feel inspired. it means staying awhile when I go home and chat with my parents. it means enjoying a good book without feeling rushed to do something productive. it also means creating things when it feels good and getting into the more technical sides when it feels good- a balance of both. 

What if you saw 10 years into the future that you, in fact, WERE strong enough to achieve every hope and dream you have for yourself? If you could see that everything you want is going to happen as a result of you doing the right work and meeting the right people? Would you relax a little into the confidence of your being? Would you spend more time doing things you enjoyed with the confidence that it’s all going to work out? 

Honestly right now, I want you to picture yourself reaching your goals in the next 10 years (or being the ideal version of yourself, your relationship, your home, your career). What would you do differently?

I encourage you to live as though it will happen. Make up your mind that the work you put in over the next few years is going to manifest into the version of you that is meant to work out. There’s no point in wondering if it will or not because chances are, when you try your best and show up and practice your art you WILL get better by default. I’m happy to reassure you that it’s going to be super hard and grueling at times, but those are only seasons. Those types of scenarios come and go and, in the end, things always work out. Small detours and challenges in your life have continued to push you further here. 

Why rush the process when, and this is my own personal belief, things happen at the right time and in the right way when they’re supposed to? Remember that the universe, God, spirit IS looking out for you. And if that’s hard to recognize, I suggest you start reading books that confirm that belief. I’m not trying to sway your opinion because I think I’m right, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to get through the day with this mindset, sleep well at night, and the more I sink into this mindset, the more positive things happen to and for me with less work and struggle and effort on my part. 

We waste so much time stressing and worrying about things that *usually* don’t end up happening or being as bad as we anticipate them to be. When my dog passed away, I was trying to process what was happening. The weeks leading to her passing we’re getting worse and worse. I decided I just wasn’t going to let worry or fear prevent me from present to enjoy every moment with her. I was well aware of the fact that she was going to pass either way whether I worried or not. Even though I tried to bargain with God and thought of every case scenario where maybe she was an alien and didn’t have to pass, I know crazy right- so might as well enjoy the last few memories I had with her. and you know what?

When she did pass, sure it was tough to say goodbye, but I had no regrets. Nothing to wish I did or didn’t do. No “I should have or what it’s” just a chapter closing and looking at the situation for what it was and not for what my emotions were projecting onto it. Every so often I hear a song, have a dream, or completely blank on in the fact that it happened, but it was a lifesaver to have this mindset. I want that for you when hard things happen. I want that for you when you don’t feel like you can go on any longer. When you struggle to find the meaning in the chaos or pain of what’s on your plate. 

So, my goals for 2020: Take more time to slow down and let inspiration flow, and remember that worrying doesn’t make the outcome different, it only steals the joy from the moment. 

We don’t have a super long amount of time left here, and honestly it’d be such a waste to the higher power that you were created from to waste it. You don’t have to be productive 24/7 but you DO have to include more things that bring you joy into your life.

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