Over the quarantine, I was getting a lot of messages that people are struggling to practice movement and good nutrition while at home. Most people struggle with self control, daily exercise, and stress management / spiraling thoughts from scrolling FB for hours everyday.

How do I answer all of these questions and introduce the people sending me the same questions? Also, the research behind the power of community to keep accountability is astonishing! 

The avenue of content that makes the most sense to answer these questions in a direct, simple, and implementable way was to create a membership group! If you’ve never heard of this before, a membership group is a monthly program, similar to a subscription, where you get tools and community support- called the BUILD HEALTHY HABITS membership program. Build healthy habits will teach you simple, actionable tools to create energizing habits that fit your lifestyle. Aka- If you’re struggling to either set health goals and stick to the work it takes to achieve them- which is like 99% of the problem in people who cant achieve what they want to.

Let me make this as clear as possible- this is not a network marketing opportunity- this is my own thing! This membership site is not to be confused with companies who want to sell you other things.  I asked my community to fill out a survey of what they liked and disliked about membership programs and you guys said…

=Meanining, it’s super simple to implement the tools, I have nothing else to sell you if you sign up, and it costs under $10 per month to join.

Each month, we’re going to dive into a problem most people face in achieiving health goals (such as meal prep, exercise, stress management, sleep, etc), so the topic will vary each month. I’m only taking 10 people in SEPT so spots will fill quickly. What’s included are 4 deliverables-

Want to know what they are and how to sign up? Drop your email in the link here (along with topic suggestions) The link is in my Instagram profile and in the show notes.

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