Nutrition Q+A!

Grab your coziest blanket & cup o’ joe on
this snowy Monday morning…

Join me as I sit down with my friend of over 19 years who happens to be an expert on on the wonderful topic of FOOD!

Megan Wolf, a recent grad of Ohio University with her bachelors in nutritional science, is currently (January 2019) in her dietetics internship to prepare for the state board exam this summer that will allow her to hold the title of “Registered dietician and licensed dietician (RDLD)” when she passes! She is a strong advocate for the intuitive, balanced, and plant-based style of eating.

Highlights mentioned in video:

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How To Feel Happier

Energized. Motivated. Optimistic. Compassionate. Less stressed. Content. Inspired. Grateful.

These are common answers from women I coach when picturing themselves “living their best life” as the kids say now-a-days. This blog is designed for those who are serious about making consistent habit changes to feel less stressed and more fulfilled each day.

I’m not here to tell you I’ve got this whole “zen vibes” thing figured out, however through much trial and error, I can genuinely say most of the time I am in an abnormally good mood and feel most myself in an optimistic, inspired, and energized mentality. Over the last few years, I have come up with a few simple ways to keep my mind in that creative space throughout the day. Here are a few examples to help paint this picture for you…

Morning routine

One thing I have stopped doing is going on social media right when I wake up. I have a relaxing morning routine that is non-negotiable. Being in a good mood starts with filling your mind with empowering thoughts to have the best day possible.

To do list

Do you ever lay in bed at night and go over the list you have to get done tomorrow? I keep a notebook next to my bed to write down under 5 items as a list to eliminate that night time stress. This way, I can focus better on fewer tasks and get a better night go quality sleep. There is something extremely satisfying about crossing items off as I complete them!

2 p.m. cup of happy

Coffee puts me in a great mood every morning as I’ve been drinking it consistently since I was 12 years old. I make a 2ndcup in the afternoon as it’s a natural caffeine boost and is something small to look forward to. A cup of coffee or espresso can be healthy to include in your diet without any pre-existing conditions, but always check with your healthcare professional before introducing. Whatever your version of “a cup of happy” is, try it out to make your afternoon a bit more enjoyable.

Good energy bubble   

This is a mental trick I’ve been doing since high school. When you are in contact with a damaged or hurting person who takes it out on you, try picturing yourself in an a bubble shield of good energy that the person cannot break through. The next time you are in a confrontational or uncomfortable position, picture that shield bubble around your whole body, smile, and tell them have a nice day. Your inner peace is too fragile for that nonsense.

Wash away the stress

I’m in this interesting phase of life where my mind and body are very active at almost every moment of the day. During the small gap of time between when my head hits the pillow and when I fall asleep each night, I picture my brain as the windshield of a car full of junk that has caused any type of stress throughout the day. I picture myself scrubbing the entire windshield one column at a time, washing away those stressors from the day.

I hope these tricks and tips help you maximize the joy and manage the stress more effectively each day. Life is too short to only feel happy on the weekends. 🙂

Stress Free Meal Prep

Happy Friday friends!

It’s a wonderful day to simplify eating healthy.

Have you ever gotten home late from the office, too exhausted to cook, so you eat the entire family size bag of Doritos and 8 ice cream sandwiches? If this is you, you’re in the right place! I read an article on Mark Zuckerberg once that said he wears the same type of shirt and pants everyday to eliminate one decision from his day. Think about how draining it can be to make hundreds of small decisions throughout the day, wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate 3 or 4?

Yes, I’m talking about your meals! Meal prepping is a system that prevents your junk food cravings from taking over and makes for a more relaxing night after work as your food just needs to be nuked for a few minutes. Check out this free guide my boyfriend helped me create to make healthy eating more enjoyable for you.

*There will be another blog / ebook partnered with this inclusive of what food goes into each food group component discussed in this ebook (fruit, veggie, starch, protein, and fat sources and their overlap).
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Challenge Chaos with Calm

 Picture this:

Waking up in your favorite vacation destination. Enjoying a morning beverage and a view of the beach during sunrise. No boss to answer to, no reports to review, no crazy drivers on your morning commute. All you can think is… wouldn’t it be nice to run away from my life for a little longer?

Maybe your home or work environment is not this serene, but you do have the option to create a mentality of sunshine skies and apply a sliver of paradise to your everyday grind.

Some people scroll through social media, watch TV, or roll out of bed and head to the office each morning. Personally, I take a mini vacation every morning by drinking my coffee slowly, reading something that inspires me, and setting my intentions for the day without distraction. I also envision my ideal routine I am working toward having one day, and recognize if I continue to use my lunch hour and evenings after my day job to focus on my side hustle, someday that can be made a reality.

What is an activity you can cut from your day that doesn’t positively push you in the direction of less stress?
What is a habit can you add to help you focus on a goal you are working toward?

For clients I have worked with in the past, it has been waking up 30 minutes early to workout, taking a walk instead of watching a TV show, and reading a book instead of scrolling through social media before bed. When I work 1:1 with clients, my concern is overall health. While the nutrition/training aspects are important to getting in shape, the mentality it takes to sustain this lifestyle is the foundation in building real, true self confidence.

While it is impossible to surround yourself with only butterflies, unicorns, and rainbows, you have the power to take the high road. To challenge chaos with calm. To remember that in the grand scheme of life, this minor happening probably isn’t worth losing your temper over. No one is perfect and I am certainly no expert, however I am learning that life isn’t that serious and as long as the humor can be found in any situation, you can’t lose.

So, whether you are stuck in traffic, dealing with an unpleasant customer, or handling hyper children, I encourage you to decide outside factors will not cause you to blow. How will you take a mental vacation today to end the day feeling satisfied and avoid burnout?

Easy, Healthy, Plant-Based Meals

Hello friends! Do you like eating better than cooking? Do you struggle to find convenient + nutritious meals? Do you want to eat more plant-based but like, cringe at the thought of tofu?

It’s a beautiful, chilly autumn day to share some yummy recipes that will keep you energized for hours & take less than 20 minutes total to prep, cook, and serve! Download and print your free copy below.

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Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet! I am a dog loving, coffee drinking, wellness enthusiast, and licensed physical therapist assistant who wakes up every morning excited help other women feel confident. It can feel exhausting if you are purely motivated to eat well and work out based on your physical appearance. My approach includes guiding women to live well based on quality of life inside instead of how their life looks on the outside.

So… the million dollar question. What truly does “living a healthy lifestyle” mean? To some, it may be working out 7 days a week. To others, it may mean a salad for lunch and a cookie for dessert. To me, it’s working out 2-3x per week, going on a run to relieve stress, sleeping in on Sundays, and Chick Fa La once in awhile just because I feel like it. I have successfully made eating well and exercising a priority for the past 6 years. I have developed the intuition to know when to relax and know when to grind. I can “fall off” the wagon for a week or two and get right back into it without even skipping a beat.

I don’t believe “harder, better, faster” is the only mechanism in which progress is gained. Maybe that’s my background in physical therapy speaking, but nutrition/training is only a fraction of good health. What about your mood on the commute to work each day? Your family? Social life? Meditation and prayer? Couldn’t you argue those aspects are equally, if not more important than the physical attributes that come with being an overall healthy and happy individual? Slaving over long workouts while feeling guilty for not spending that time with your kids or doing homework is not going to make you a better human, is not healthy, and does not align with my beliefs so you can take a quick sigh of relief! Quicker and more focused energy spent on workouts should be empowering instead of draining.

I have a passion for sharing honest, authentic, and simple tips to help you approach each day with a more confident and clearer mindset. Deciding to own your truth and inner goddess confidence will require up front sacrifice for a long term benefit. While it may seem like hard work at times, it is possible and undoubtedly worth it. We will provide you will framework, encouragement, and structure you need to achieve your goal.

Share with your friends on social media and let me know what you think! Have a great day.