A Letter To The Burnt Out Creator

So many of you in this community are strong creatives, so I figured I’d dedicate an episode to share some things I do when feeling exhausted and out of creative energy. This one is for: the side hustler, graphic designer, hair stylist, physical therapist assistant, stay at home mom, videographer, life coach, seamstress, athlete, crafter, personal trainer, makeup blogger, writer, artist, dancer, and everyone that pours their heart into their art.

Creativity is therapy, in its most raw form. And if you’re lucky, your art will touch and heal and improve the lives of others.

Some days I feel like I could conquer the world. Ideas are flowing SO rapidly I can barely keep up and I drive the people around me crazy as that excitement turns to scattered-ness very quickly if I don’t contain it properly. But other days, especially when turbulence happens in my personal life, it’s hard to get into the flow state and appreciate/enjoy what I’m doing. 

So, just how do you get out of this slump? The reason I’m even including an episode about creative energy on a wellness podcast is because they are one in the same. Self-care (aka good habits) is the foundation of self-confidence, but I believe creativity is the foundation of happiness. 

First, I encourage you to take a break. A full break from everything- stop creating and trying to spin your wheels when you’re stuck in a muddy ditch. Put on a facemask, watch a comedy, do yoga, kick your feet up, and chill. 


Youtube Vlogs for inspiration: Study the experts in their craft

Write about your current landscape

Core Value: To go the extra mile of doing your best work for the greatest possible experience for both the company and community.

PLAN for creative burnout

Remember that creativity is like a muscle- the more you flex it, the stronger it gets. The more days in a row you perform your art, the easier it is to get into a flow. And when you feel tired and uninspired, take a break, and allow yourself to gently be pulled back to the center of your being to create from the deepest parts of your soul. You know, the pieces you rewatch or read and think- was that really my work? 

Also remember that creativity is a gift. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂

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