3 Tips For Successful Goal Setting

I’m going to keep this simple- goal setting is an important way to continue building and reaching for a stronger, better version of YOU. Yes, you need a plan, we don’t just naturally continue to progress and improve throughout our lives unless we’re aiming at a solid target. Things may change along the way, but generally those who set goals and work to achieve them feel happier and more fulfilled in the habits and motions of their day. There’s many different ways to do this, but I realize I’m speaking to those new at this or who need a fresh perspective, so we’re starting from the basics. Do me a favor and please don’t overthink this part. It’s so easy to get technical, but I want you to resist the urge to be perfect and just try your best. 🙂

1. Start with the categories in which you want to reach toward something. A few that I use: health (physical and mental are two different categories), professional, relationship, personal, and adventure. If you’re in school or planning a wedding, most certainly include those, as well!

2. Develop the 1-3 goals for each category. Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew, it’s better to focus deeply on just a few goals than just to throw a bunch out there and half-a$$ the effort.

3. Develop a solid plan of a few bullet points of what you can do to work toward it. For example, under mental health, I’m putting together a list of books I want to read:

  • Category: Mental Health
    • Goal: Books I want to read in 2020
      • Action Plan:
      • The War of Art – Jan
      • 10% Happier – Feb
      • The Founders Dilemma – March
      • Blink – April
      • The One Thing – May
      • The Power of Now – June

I’m keeping it at six for now until I hear of other books I want to add to the list, but my goal is the read 1 book per month at minimum. I love to read as it activates the parts of my brain that create ideas and inspiration! This is the most simple, basic version of goal setting. A lot of people like to set a time limit, but I’m iffy on that. I know there will be months that are busier than others and I won’t have a ton of time to read, so if I read 10 I’ll be just as happy as if I read 12. The point is the effort is there, and I can’t predict how many yes’s I’ll get on the career front so the goal setting for that is different than what I do have control over (like health: moving my body to sweat 5x every week). Things happen, people get sick, work gets busy, but point is to set the goal so that when you feel off or stressed from life getting hectic, you fall back into the practices that you set in January to continue on the path to your goal!

That’s all for now. Try not to stress yourself over it, but I encourage you to set aside some time today or this week to really and honestly look at your life now and where you want to be, and practice the “category, goal, action plan” to get there.

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