T – 5 days until our BIG EVENT!!!

Okay so for those of you who live under a rock and haven’t seen my 50 posts a day for the last month about our upcoming event, welcome to the first time hearing about it! This upcoming Friday, myself and my event planner Christy are hosting a guided wellness experience event called “One Ray Live.”

Now, a few questions you may be thinking… who is this for, what is this about, and why do I care?

This event is for those of you who feel stuck, lost, or a sense of hopelessness surrounding your confidence and health. Like nothing’s helped you in the past, so why even bother. This event is for women who need to feel raised up and loved and accepted for the hard things they’ve been through. On the flip side, it’s also for seasoned fitness and wellness who need a reboot, or fresh sense of inspo.

You may be expecting that our event will be full of generic, Google searched knowledge… and that couldn’t be further from the truth. You know what you should do to improve your healthy habits, I wouldn’t expect you to pay me or anyone else to point out the obvious. In the speeches I’m sharing at the event, I’m talking personal stories (sometimes sad, funny, and usually embarrassing in some way) about mistakes made and lessons learned. I’m sharing a perspective you haven’t heard before to create 2 different feelings in you – 1. a sense of hope that you DO have what it takes, regardless of what you were taught as a child or no even as an adult 2. A deep discomfort / hunger in you that wants to reach for something more. That wants you to level up and give a bit more effort into growth and potential in your own life! Look, I cant tell you what’s best for you because I’m still figuring it out for myself, so don’t expect an expert / guru / know it all to try and tell you how to live your life. I know where I’ve been and I want to offer a helping hand, the tools in my toolbox, and a few incredible, local resources in getting you started.


Attendees: “What should I expect!?”


Bring A Notebook + Pen

You can type notes, ideas, and inspo you get through the presentations, but I value writing on physical paper way more as you’re more likely to remember and stick to whatever it is you’re writing. We will begin the evening with a guided meditation, move into a motivational pump up speech, then into a movement workshop, followed by a journaling presentation, ending with a Q+A. If you have questions throughout, make sure to write them down and save them until the end.


Professional Photographer

As many of you who have been to events like this before know, we will have a professional photographer taking candids throughout the evening for social media and marketing purposes for future events. If this makes you uncomfortable in any way and don’t care to show yourself on camera, that is completely fine just make sure to let one of us know before or at the event! To everyone else- dress in a way that feels comfortable and authentic to who you are.


What To Wear

In the spirit of dressing comfortable and authentic, please feel more than free to wear workout clothes. If you’re coming from work or somewhere that you were dressed up, that’s also fine but be mindful that you will be sitting on wooden boxes, tires, and other gym equipment for the presentations. You can also bring a change of clothes as there is a private, spacious, 1 person at a time women’s bathroom at the event location! We want you to be as comfortable as possible to focus on relaxing & enjoying yourself without a snap or zipper waistband. J



There is a huge open lot directly in front of the door you will enter in! Downtown Willoughby is a super safe neighborhood, but there will be no requirement to park far and walk (I always get anxious about this before going to an event). Rest assured there is way more parking spots than we need in the lot so no worries regarding that.


Light Snack Bites

CLE Juice Box was kind enough to donate her vegan, gluten free, healthy appetizers that evening for you to try (you’ll love them), but we will not have full meals so eat a light bite beforehand. Whenever I go to events like this, I’m usually rushing so I forget my water bottle and end up snacking and talking a lot once I get there. For this reason, everyone who attends will receive a complimentary water bottle, as well!



Please plan to be in your seat by 6:50 ish as the event starts at 7 p.m. sharp. The initial speaker, Nike (pronounced “Knee-Kay”) will be leading the guided meditation to help you sink into the moment and forget about traffic/to do lists/distraction. For the full effect, we need you there in silence with no distraction please and thank you. 🙂

I will be presenting a motivational pump up speech to follow Nike! It’s going to be fricking awesome with little surpises involved… that’s all I’ll say lol.

Maddie, who is a trainer at The Bar Athletics, will be giving a movement workshop on all things CORE related – how to use it functionally, how to use it to drop belly bloat, and all things under the movement related umbrella.

I’ll be following Maddie with an intro into journaling, a little non-typical to what you’d expect. We’ll dive lightly into the “How,” but focus mostly on the “Why” from my own personal perspective.

At the end, we’ll save time for a Q+A where the mic is on you to ask and I’ll be happy to answer!

For the last 40 minutes or so, you’ll get to experience the different vendors – some complimentary, some for purchase.

I look forward to seeing you all Friday!
Hurrrrrry and CLICK HERE to grab your ticket before they’re sold out.