A few weeks ago, I was at an event that served us an afternoon snack of coffee and this uniquely titled food item called a “functional mini muffin” … I immediately thought, well if this thing is so functional, can it do cartwheels, too?

I should first start with the story behind the brand. The owner, Sasha, created them after getting her Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine to make eating a snack or pastry enjoyable, energizing, and purposeful… hold the Chips Ahoy, there’s a new sheriff in town! She crafted the recipe to be a rich source of minerals (varying dependent on flavor) to improve energy levels and provide a nutritious, guilt-free alternative to regular pastries.

Now, to be quite honest when i hear “paleo” and “low carb” describing a dessert, I run the opposite direction as that usually means taste or texture is sacrificed. That couldn’t be further from the truth of these delicious treats!

Botani Bites resemble a scoop of cookie dough- soft, moist texture with a rich flavor of freshly blended ingredients, except without the added sugar. I was unsure at first as I LOVE muffins & regular pastries, but when I found out all of the health benefits included in this quick and easy snack, I was immediately hooked.

The flavors are super detailed, inclusive of maca marble (not to be confused with the green tea matcha), lemon floral unwind, matcha mint, relief apricot spice, and their newest which includes golgi lavender bliss (which I got to try!). Each is uniquely named for it’s benefits and story behind it which you can check out on their website (a respected type of branding I appreciate). You can tell she didn’t just whip together a bunch of random baked good flavors that you might find at a traditional bakery, but what’s good for you that you didn’t know could taste so good.

Okay, so here’s my honest opinion. I respect the amount of energy put into the wording, packaging, mission, and my all time favorite, the taste of the muffins! I have tried so many gross snacks that claim to be healthy but taste like dirt, and this I can happily say is not one of them. Perfectly paired with a cup of coffee for an afternoon delight, I am loving this healthy option rich in flavor and texture.

This women-owned small business is located in Columbus, but you can purchase them online. Well done Sasha + crew. So glad to have been introduced into this amazing snack / company! All additional info can be checked out on their beautifully crafted website (I’m a sucker for great branding).


*My goal is to spread light on honest, high quality small businesses because 1. paid marketing is expensive and I’d like to share companies I trust and believe in and 2. I want to introduce YOU to these companies and products, as well! Keep an eye out for more to come. 🙂 xoxo