What if I told you there is a secret habit you can develop to teach you how to achieve anything you want?

I was listening to a “School of Greatness” podcast recently on the topic of habits. While this is something we all know, it is not something we practice as much as we should. The podcast creator talks about the importance of developing the habit of reading on a daily basis. Okay, yes achieving a goal includes more than just reading about it, but in order to learn you must actively read and comprehend to implement each concept. Feel like you are sitting in 3rd grade reading class again… ?

In October of 2017, a previous client of mine suggested a book to help improve my online fitness business. Honestly, I was attracted to the colors of the “Business Boutique” by Christy Wright cover (silver, white, and teal… irresistible to a basic white girl) so I gave it a try. To keep it short, it stopped me dead in my tracks and reshaped the way I went about moving forward with Maria Fitnezz. It kept me motivated and sparked ideas from the creative part of my brain, so I have decided to only read books that make me feel fired up since Christy’s book set the bar high.

I set a goal this past year to read 12 books in 2018, 1 per month to improve my speed. I enjoy nonfictional, self help/inspirational reads, usually written as an autobiography! So far as of 11/23/18, I have successfully read 18 books and may try to sneak one more in before 2019. Below I have categorized the highlights into goal setting, perspective, and business. Book critiquing is not my strongest suit so I kept it short and sweet, but I would be happy to answer questions about the books or you can check the professional writers on Google for a better feel of each.

Enjoy and Happy Black Friday + Holiday Season Kick-Off!