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I help women stay motivated to achieve their health goals. I’m a wellness blogger, motivational speaker, and author of a self-published guided journal.

Words From Happy One Ray Journal Customers!

“These are the best journals!!! I love to use for mental health as much as physical. It’s not shameful to write down I’m having a hard day but then look back and see I got thru that hard day feels amazing. I also like to write down what I want to eat that day and it helps guide me so I’m not just grabbing anything bc it’s already in my mind that I put it down!! Just my thoughts on this journal and Maria is the most nonjudgemental lady you could ever meet! She will lift you up as gift as you’ll go!!!! Love her xoxo” -Angela Y

Angela Y.

“You know how sometimes on your birthday or Christmas you have a beautiful package to open and you are excited for what’s inside but you want to savor it? I received my much anticipated #oneray journal from #mariafitnezz but wanted to get coffee in hand and sit in a happy place before I even peaked inside. 😊 (Ok I had pizzelles too, cuz that’s the mood I’m in!) I am filled with happiness for Maria Fitzgerad, because SHE GOT THIS RIGHT!!! This is not a FITNESS notebook, friends. It’s a place to plant the seeds for WELLNESS and HEALTH each day. I encourage you to check her out. She is no cookie cutter “health and happiness coach”, but an authentic, energetic, young old soul who has it going on!
Thank you Maria!” -Missi P.

Missi P.

“So, I have gotten a couple questions about what I’m doing to be healthier… the answer is just that, I’m being healthier. I’ve cut out the crap and become aware of the things I was eating. I am a HUGE advocate against chemicals on my skin and in the air, but yet I was drinking and eating were FILLED with chemicals. The one way I helped catch this and still catch this is journaling my food. This helped me immensely. I use the “One Ray” journal which was put together by an educated fitness guru and personal trainer. This journal has helped me not only log my food, but stay on track with workouts, and mental boosts when I need them, through the quotes and positive vibes throughout. Now, you can use whatever you need to use, but I swear by food journaling, even just for a bit, to make you aware of what’s going in your body!

The creator of this journal has also helped create a workout routine for me that I can do at home or in the gym, and has helped guide me along this fitness journey for years!!” -Renata I.

Renata I.